• A variety of eye-catching all-sponge styles we have,did them make your heart beat?

     As a manufacturer factoru specializing in kids and pets uphlostory furniture over 14 year. OEM for Disney brand kids sofa over 11 years. so OEM/ODM are acceptable, also we are awarded certificates of  SMETA, ISO, GSV, FSC, we can meet all kinds of test standards for different contries. Through w...
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  • CCTV “Rise of China” visits, the brand is calling, KOOPO of kids upholatered furniture brand, we are on the way

    CCTV “Rising China” program team stationed in our company from August 24-25,2021 and achieved complete success. This is inseparable from the concerted efforts and active cooperation of all departments. Everyone is contributing their own strength to the building of our own kids upholst...
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  • The best-selling of our lazy sofa at home and abroad

      Bean bag chair, full filling with foam bean. comfotable for seating. Light weight, easy to move to anywhere. Removable cover with a zipper, easy to take of the cover to wash. Color and size are optional. Cover material : Linen fabric Color: printing or solid color Port of loading: SHENZHE...
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  • How to prevent young children from falling out of bed?

    When a child is born, when a parent is always faced with various emergencies, sometimes, as a new mother, we will be confused about how to deal with it. For example, when a child turns over, he will fall off the bed accidentally. Even if sometimes, you just go to help him wash the bottle after d...
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  • Does leather make sofa have scratch how to repair?

    How does dermal sofa scratch repair? 1, in order to make the leather sofa to use longer, should avoid children bouncing on the sofa, playing with toys, and so on, to take the stolen goods to the sofa. 2, pay attention to the daily cleaning of the sofa, with a wet towel to screw dry cleaning prot...
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  • The home has darling, how does the sitting room decorate? Safety is very important,Children’s fun is also indispensable!

    1, cancel the tea table – vacate the living room The sitting room is the space of family activity, also be the space with larger area in the home, because this is daily besides having a meal to sleep, basic most time is in sitting room activity. If there is a baby at home, you can conside...
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  • Why children’s solid wood furniture use pine wood?

    It’s easy to use pine. I’ll do a little expansion on how to choose pine. It’s as follows: Pine because woodiness is loose, grease is more have smell, not be the good choice that makes furniture actually. But it’s cheap. The children furniture on market still is the world...
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  • Children’s furniture is exquisite in size, and there is a potential danger of design mistakes

    “When buying children’s furniture, I heard that you must pay attention to the rounded corners, and did not pay too much attention to the details of the design. I didn’t expect the children to get their fingers stuck in the holes in the bed frame when they were playing. It is te...
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  • What kind of bed is suitable for young children?

    1. What kind of bed a baby is suitable for? A crib is generally selected according to the age of the child, and there are generally cribs and cribs. The crib is suitable for babies who are just born, and this kind of bed can protect the baby well. But as the child gradually grows up, the hardnes...
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  • What benefit we can get from DIY kids furniture ?

    What benefit we can get from DIY kids furniture ?

    With 13 years experience in kids furniture industry, our company keep thinking about how to not only make the products more comfort, healthy to kids, but also bring more playable, operable for kids and the family. First DIY version is the upholstery stool sofa sets, kids can try to move them, ma...
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  • Welcome To Join Our Live Show about Preschool Kids Furniture On Aug 20th, 2020

    Welcome To Join Our Live Show about Preschool Kids Furniture On Aug 20th, 2020

    Due to the unfinished corona virus pandemic, we are not able to meet all of our customers on the traditional exhibitions. In the past 2 months, we hold more than 15 live show via all kinds of channels, such as online canton fair, Alibaba online fair. It’s a good way to show our new and hot sel...
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  • For many people, dogs are like family members.

    For many people, dogs are like family members.

    For many people, dogs are like family members. Staying with the dog after work is the happiest time of the day.But some owners worry about putting the baby to bed at night,They may be crushed when turning over, and there may be hygiene problems. Nowadays, when people buy pet products, they will ...
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